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German Construction Output at 7-Month High
The IHS Markit Germany Construction PMI rose to 52.5 in November 2019 from 51.5 in the previous month, signalling the fastest pace of expansion in the sector since April. Housebuilding increased by the most for seven months, while civil engineering contracted at the softest rate in eight months. Meanwhile, the drop in commercial activity was the second-fastest since March 2013. Overall new orders rose for the first time in seven months leading to an acceleration in the rate of job creation across the building sector to the fastest since April, as well as a renewed increase in the use of sub-contractors. On the price front, input cost inflation was the weakest in almost four years. Finally, expectations remained among the lowest over the past four years, amid worries about the health of the economy.

German Construction Output Growth at 6-Month High
The IHS Markit Germany Construction PMI rose to 51.5 in October 2019 from 50.1 in the previous month, rebounding further from a five-year low in August and signalling a modest rate of growth overall. Homebuilding expanded for the second month in a row and at the fastest rate since April, while commercial activity and civil engineering works continued to contract. Buying levels increased the most in six months while the pace of job creation moderated to a one-year low and order books decreased for the sixth straight month. On the price front, input cost inflation remained subdued. Finally, expectations were close to August's near four-year low, as surveyed businesses reported ongoing concerns about the impact of the manufacturing slowdown on demand for new commercial building projects in the year ahead.

German Construction Activity Returns to Growth
The IHS Markit Germany Construction PMI rose to 50.1 in September 2019 from August's 62-month low of 46.3. The latest reading pointed to the first expansion in construction activity since May, as housing activity returned to growth and both commercial and civil engineering activity contracted at a softer pace. Also, new orders fell softer in September and job creation growth picked up. On the price front, input price inflation eased for the seventh time in the past eight months to the weakest since February 2016; while output prices rose more sharply, with the rate of increase reaching the highest since April. Finally, expectations remained slightly negative and close to August's 46-month low, amid worries about the impact of the manufacturing downturn on prospects for commercial activity.

German Construction Activity at Over 5-Year Low
The IHS Markit Germany Construction PMI fell to 46.3 in August 2019 from 49.5 in July. The latest reading pointed to the steepest contraction in the construction sector since June 2014, as all three categorises recorded a decrease in activity for the 1st time since the snow-related disruption in March last year. Civil engineering work dropped for the 5th straight month and at the strongest rate in almost 1-1/2-years, commercial activity declined at the quickest pace since March 2013 and work on housing projects returned to contraction after a rise in July. Also, new orders went down for the 4th consecutive month and at the sharpest since July 2014 and the job creation rate rose at the softest pace in ten months. Additionally, purchasing activity fell for the second time in over four years. On the price front, input cost inflation eased to its lowest level since August 2016. Finally, expectations dropped to its lowest since October 2015, amid concerns regarding a sustained slowdown.

German Construction Falls for 1st Time in 9 Months
The IHS Markit Germany Construction PMI dropped to 49.5 in July 2019 from 50.0 in the previous month, dipping into contraction territory for the first time since October 2018. Commercial building decreased for the first since January while civil engineering works were down for the fourth month. Home building, on the other hand, returned to growth in July, albeit with the increase in activity merely reversing the modest decline seen in June. Total new orders fell at the quickest pace since September 2014 and both employment and buying levels rose at softer rates. On the price front, input cost inflation was the weakest since October 2016. Looking ahead, business confidence fell to the lowest since November 2015, amid an uncertain outlook for commercial activity, alongside generally weaker economic sentiment.

German Construction Activity Stagnates in June
The IHS Markit Germany Construction PMI dropped for a third straight month to 50.0 in June 2019 from 51.4 in the previous month, signalling a sustained loss of momentum in the construction sector. That was the lowest reading since October last year, as house building activity contracted for the first time in eight months and work on civil engineering projects decreased for a third straight period. The amount of new orders placed with constructors fell the most since September 2015, while the rates of job creation and buying activity accelerated. On the price front, input cost inflation ticked up from May's 13-month low and sub-contractor charges rose at a faster pace. Expectations towards future output remained positive, amid strong underlying demand and low interest rates.

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