Jan/01 Neujahr
Feb/15 Carnaval
Apr/02 Karfreitag
Apr/30 Tag der Arbeit
May/24 The Battle of Pichincha
Aug/10 Nationale-Day
Oct/09 Independence of Guayaquil
Nov/02 Allerheiligen
Nov/03 Independence of Cuenca
Dec/25 Weihnachten-Day
Dec/31 Silvester
Jan/03 Neujahr
Mar/02 Carnaval
Apr/17 Karfreitag
May/04 Tag der Arbeit
May/25 The Battle of Pichincha
Aug/14 Nationale-Day
Oct/12 Independence of Guayaquil
Nov/05 Independence of Cuenca
Nov/06 All Souls’ Day